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Designing an Organ

Whether the project is an entirely new organ, rebuild, restoration, or additions to an existing instrument, the same attention to detail and care in craftsmanship are hallmarks of our work.

Whether newly commissioned, significantly rebuilt, or meticulously restored, every Schantz project is a unique pipe organ crafted to serve the special musical requirements it is called upon to fulfill. Painstaking attention to detail in all aspects of the design, physical layout, tonal composition, construction, restoration, installation, and tonal finishing ensure that every instrument meets our exacting standards.

As a musical instrument, a pipe organ from the Schantz workshop must possess the power and character to thrill and inspire. This can only be accomplished through careful scaling and pipe making, followed by meticulous voicing and tonal finishing, tailoring each instrument to its unique environment. When completed, the instrument is capable of serving in its myriad roles - accompanying instruments and voices, as well as successfully rendering a broad cross section of the literature written for the "King of Instruments."

Musical tone, however, is not enough to produce a successful pipe organ.

The mechanism of the organ must be unfailing. Each component of the organ's mechanism – whether new, rebuilt, or restored - undergoes rigorous testing before it is installed in the instrument. The physical layout of the organ is accomplished with concern for the accessibility to the instrument for regular tuning and maintenance.

Designing an Organ

Designing an Organ

Our firm prides itself on providing clients with turn-key pipe organ solutions.

All aspects of every project are seamlessly combined by means of in-house control, providing the security of knowing where each component is produced, and from whom each service is provided.

Undergirding, this commitment is our ten-year warranty - covering all material and labor (with the exception of electrical components warranted individually by their respective manufacturers).

Schantz pipe organs, unabashedly American, do not copy the style or emulate one particular period or national school of organ building; nor are we slave to fad or current fashion. Rather, we are informed by the various styles, periods, and schools - as our goal is always to build pipe organs of the highest musical integrity and mechanical reliability - qualities that never go out of style.