What's in the Shop? - Current Pipe Organ Projects

We happily offer a view from inside the workshop on the corner of Oak and Walnut Streets…

What's In The Shop

Currently making its way through the shop is a three-manual and pedal organ of thirty-four stops/thirty-nine ranks for Saint Bernard Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio. Originally built by Schantz Organ Company in 1905 (with mechanical key action and tubular pneumatic stop action), the organ was rebuilt in 1916 and 1926 (when it was converted to tubular pneumatic action). During the 1950s, the organ was converted to electro-pneumatic action by another builder. The 1905 specification has been maintained, and will be rebuilt and modified slightly. The 1950s mechanism of the organ will be rebuilt, and a new drawknob console and relay will be provided.

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(Progress photos below.)