Meet the Staff - Schantz Organ Company

One of the most important assets of any craft-oriented organization is its dedicated and skilled staff.

Schantz Organ Company takes great pride in the craftspersons associated with our firm. The thirty-plus artisans who work amongst us are seasoned organbuilders – bringing a variety of skills and disciplines to our work.

From time-to-time, we'll take opportunity to introduce them.

Meet the Staff

Jeffrey Herr, Head Voicer

Jeff has worked with the company in the tonal department for twenty-eight years. Currently, he is the head voicer, and group leader of the tonal department. Like many within our organization, Jeff is a trained musician (Moody Bible Institute and Asbury College), in addition to serving as organist for Christ United Church of Christ in Orrville. Jeff has been intimately involved with the voicing and tonal finishing of many Schantz instruments in the past nearly three decades. He is also one of the 'legacies' amongst us – his father Wilbur having spent more than fifty years with our company.

Jeff lives in Orrville – just a few short blocks from our shop – with his spouse Heidi, their two daughters, and their dog Paisley.

Meet The Staff